Sheep & Goat Treatment

Pneunmonia Bloody Milk
  • CEG 2 cc under tongue 2x daily
  • Aloe C liquid 1oz. per 100 wt, 2x daily orally
  • Wild Herb Drench 1oz. per 100 wt, 2x daily orally
  • OLS or LT Soln 2 cc under tongue 2x daily
  • If caught right away, Aconite HOmeopathy, 5 pills 2x daily. If bad, Belladona Homeopathy, 5 pills 2x daily
  • Arnica Tincture, 2 cc 3x daily orally for 4-5 days
Shipping Fever Urinary Calculai

  • 1oz. Alow Pellets per 100 wt fed daily, 3 days before moving
  • Continue for 10-14 days after moving


  • Aloe C, 1oz. per 100 wt orally 2x daily
  • CEG, 2cc under tongue 2x daily
  • Wild Herb Drench, 1oz. per 100 wt, 2x daily
  • OLS or LT Soln, 2 cc under tongue 2x daily
  • 20 cc Dr. Paul’s Whey daily for 3 days
  • 2oz. Apple Cider Vinegar 3x daily orally
Mastitis Navel Infection
  • Aloe C drench 4oz. or feed 4oz. Alow Pellets 2oz. daily
  • CEG 2 cc under tongue2x daily for 3 days
  • Poke Oil on udder or Protect-Her
  • Homeopathy under tongue, Phytolacca or Bryonia or SSC 2-3x daily
  • CEG or Quad Support 2 cc under tongue 3x daily for 7 days
  • Tip animal on back and liberally apply iodine or other strong disinfectant once a day for 2 days
  • If not healed in 7 days, continue as needed
Coccidiosis Pregnancy Toxemia
  • Cocci-Blast 1 per 400lbs.
  • Tonic Tincture 2 cc daily for 3 weeks
  • Wellness Tonic 4oz. drench daily
  • Older females, Rx with Burdock Root Tincture 2cc 2x daily for 3-7 days
Grain Overload Enterotoxemia
  • Detox on feed 2 Tbsp per animal
  • Carbo Veg Homeopathy 2-3x dialy under tongue
  • Apple Cider Vinegar 2oz. per 100 wt drench 2x daily
  • Apple Cider Vinegar 3oz. 2x daily until better
  • Clostridium Pref C&D and Tetanus Nosode. Give to all lambs and kids as a prevention. Give at 1 month and repeat in 3-6 months
  • Detox Bolus
  • Antisera per label
Scours Moldy Feed
  • Calf Ease Bolus one 2x daily for 1-2 days
  • Calf Start drench 1/4oz. with milk or water, 10 cc 2x daily as needed
  • Free choice Kelp, humates and selenium vitamin pre mix to the ewes and does during last trimester and dry period
  • Individual treatment – 2 Tbsp of Detox mixture on feed 2x daily
  • Herd prevention – 1/2oz. humates in feed daily till mody feed gone
Chapped Teats/Udders Inducing Heats
  • Dr. Sarah’s Udder Savvy
  • Protect Her, an essential oil dip
  • Natures Cycle 3cc in vulva once a day for at least 10 days. If there is a light heat after a few days giving the tincture, don’t breed. Rx for at least 10 days for higher conception
Udder Edema Retained Afterbirth
  • Apis Mel Homeopathy, 4 pills 3x daily
  • One opened Comfort Bolus fed on feed 2x daily
  • Poke Oil on udder 2x daily
  • At 48 hours, 1 Fresh Cow Bolus, repeat in 2 days as needed
  • At 48 hours, infuse over Fresh Cow Bolus with 100 cc Aloe C and 5 cc CEG and 5 cc Caulophyllum Tincture

Repeat both steps 1 and 2 above for 2 more days, then as needed. When placenta falls out, infuse one more time with step 2 Uterine Infections Post Birthing

  • Caulophyllum Tincture, 3 cc in vulva for 4 days
  • Infuse with 100 cc Aloe C and 5 cc CEG. Repeat in-fuleion in 2-3 days
Birthing Paralysis Mange
  • Arnica Tincture orally 2 cc 2x daily
  • One opened Comfort Bolus on feed 2x daily
  • Will John Tincture 2cc orally 2x daily
  • De-Lice Spray
Worms Dehorning/Castrating
  • S&G Boluses 1 per 75 lbs, repeat in 3 weeks. Safe for all size animals
  • CGS – feed as per directions. May want to alternate with S&G Boluses on occasion
  • Eliminate Bolus in feed
  • Dull-It Tincture 2cc under tongue 2 minutes before surgery and 2 cc under tongue post surgery
Lice Hoof Overgrowth and Sole Abscesses
  • Knit Away powder. Repeat in 1 week
  • De-Lice Spray. Repeat in 1 week
  • Trim properly
  • Pack abscess with Dairy Foot Salve and wrap. Soak daily with Aloe C
  • If really bad, put animal on CEG 2cc 2x daily under tongue
Foot Rot – Between Claws Contracted Tendons
  • Clean up lesion. Liberally apply Super Wound Spray 2-3x daily until healed
  • CEG Tincture 2 cc under tongue 2x daily as needed
  • Severe Cases – Apply Dairy Foot Salve wrap and soak bandage daily with Aloe C
  • Comfrey Tincture, 1cc daily
  • Arnica Tincture, 1cc daily

Rx 3-4 weeks

Fractures/Bone Bruises Ear Infections
  • Set fracture
  • Comfrey Tincture 2cc under tongue 2x daily for 10-21 days
  • Arnica Tincture 2cc 2x daily for 10-21 days
  • Fill ear with Aloe C and massage
  • CEG under tongue 2x daily for 3 days
  • Antioxidant Blend 1 cc 2x daily under tongue
Pink Eye Ringworm
  • Super Wound Spray in eye as often as possible
  • New Forrest Eye Nosode – as treatment and prevention
  • Free choice Kelp
  • Super Wound Spray on lesions
  • Free choice Kelp and humates
  • Cal-thu or Thujo Tinctures orally 2x daily
  • Bacillium Nosode for treatment and prevention
Herpes on Teats Kidney Infection
  • Udder Savvy on sores – liberally
  • Herpes Zostar Nosode for treatment and prevention
  • System Support 2 cc 2x daily for 7-10 days under tongue
  • 2 cc CEG under tongue
Blood test and cull positives. Isolate negatives from positives.

  • Aloe Pellets for immune system